Display Cryptocurrency Ticker data on your Joomla website!

Cryptocurrencies are not a relatively new concept, with the most notable first entrant being Bitcoin in 2009. Since then the availability of bitcoin alternatives have exploded, with literally more cryptocurrencies than you can poke 10 sticks at. The popularity of bitcoin has also driven web based traffic over the last 12 months, with a notable spike in November 2017.

If you are operating a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency related website, CryptoTicker will enable your website to display live pricing data on a huge range of cryptocurrencies.

Joomla Module - Cryptocurrency Ticker DisplayMT CryptoTicker is extremely lightweight and leverages a free to access API service to pull near-realtime pricing and market data to compare against traditional currencies. For example, if your website is aimed toward Australian visitors and you are catering for a small range of cryptocurrencies you could display comparitive pricing to compare those cryptocurrencies to the Australian Dollar.


The module is configured for each individual module position, with mutliple modules capable of being displayed either one page, or single modules of differing content across many pages.
For example, the DeepDarkDepths Cybersecurity Blog has been designed to show a ticker for a specific cryptocurrency's category, with all articles below that category displaying the relevant currency data.



Installing mod_mtcryptoticker is incredibly easy, just drag and drop the zip file into your Joomla 3.x Administrator Extension Manager, and the installation is complete. Further configuration is completed through the mod_mtcryptoticker module within the Extension submenu.


Configure MT CryptoTicker for Joomla 3.xNavigate to Extensions > Modules and either modify the preconfigured module, or create a new one by clicking Create > MT CryptoTicker.

Set the configuration to what you want to have compared, then Save and Publish.

To control which menu itemIDs this module can be published on, use the Menu Assignment tab to limit it's publication to the pages which you require.




This module has been created to use the Joomla Update System, and the associated McHughTech Update Server. So if there are any security or version updates, your Joomla installation will automatically notify you of these and ask for you to intervene.

Customisation and Theming

Customising mod_mtcryptoticker HTMLDue to the nature of the update system, you strongly recommend using the template chrome method to customise your module's appearance. To do this, click Extensions > Templates > Templates > Click on your active template > Select the create Overrides tab.

Now click on the mod_mtcryptoticker link under the Modules heading. You will now have a customisable override template created under your template/html/mod_mtcryptoticker folder.